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Barre Chord Tips

As promised in class, here are a few tips on how to play barre chords:

First, and probably the most important tip, accept that holding a Barre Chords will be a challenge. With consistent practice, though, you will learn how to play Barre Chords! I've seen many, many students conquer the Barre Chord.  Hang in there!
Make sure your thumb is low and pressing low against the back of the neck.Your first finger should be somewhat parallel to the fret.Experiment. Everyone's first finger is a little different. Maybe you need to move your first finger up or down a little. Maybe you need to roll it a little towards the head of the guitar.Be sure you are playing on the very tips of your other fingers (non-barre chord fingers). Don't press too hard! It's possible that your guitar may need to be "set-up." Let me see your guitar and I will be happy to give you my opinion. Keep in mind that your progress will be gradual. If you can hear four out of six notes, cele…