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New Year Resolutions 2016

I love New Year Resolutions!  However, I would rather think of them as goals.  I have been encouraging all my students to set musical goals for 2016.  Here is what I received from one of my students.  Thanks for sharing, Gilbert!

My Guitar Resolutions Gilbert 14 January 2016
1. Dedicate more time and effort into guitar practice. Practice     more systematically and with more focus. 2. Complete “A Modern Guitar Method for Guitar” Volume #1 by     the end of 2016 and be able to play everything at any time. 3. Incorporate classical guitar technique into my acoustic guitar     work. Get more comfortable with my nylon string and     Telecaster. 4. Master chord changing and rhythm guitar as well as learning     new chords. 5. Lay a strong foundation in music theory and progressions for     playing jazz and writing songs. 6. Learn new Music; jazz standards, Latin jazz, blues songs, and     outlaw country music (Johnny Cash). 7. Learn how to record myself using the equipment I already     own…