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The "Hit" Strum

Here's a demonstration of the "Hit" strum (that's what I call it).  I am holding an Em chord and playing a basic 4/4 strumming pattern.  I am putting a percussive "hit" on beats two and four.  First I play the pattern slowly and then a little faster.  Try cupping your hand so that when you strum your pick and the side of your hand (by your pinky finger) hit the strings at the same time.

If you want to hear this pattern, listen to the begin of "Proud Mary" by Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR).   

Maunaloa Slack Key Guitar

This is the beginning to the song "Maunaloa" written by Helen Parker.  This is an example of a song that is played in Hawaiian Style Slack Key, orKi Ho'alu.   It is played in G tuning (Taro Patch Tuning) which is D G D G B D (sixth string to first).  I am playing from a transcription found in Ozzie Kotani's book "Guitar Playing Hawaiian Style."

If you're interested in learning more beginner level Slack-Key songs, I highly recommend Ozzie's book.  You can get a copy from Amazon (link below), or pick up a copy here at the studio.

3AM Chorus

Here's the Chorus to Matchbox Twenty's 3AM.  Hope this helps with your practice!

3AM Intro

Here's the intro to Matchbox Twenty's 3AM.  Hope you enjoy working on this song!