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Buying Your First Guitar

If you are looking to buy a guitar and you have visited your local music store, talked to salespeople, and have read multiple online reviews, then this has probably left you more confused on what guitar to purchase.  As a teacher it is frustrating to see my students play on a cheap, poor quality instrument.  I understand the thinking.  It goes like this, “I just want to try this guitar playing thing out and I want to start with an inexpensive guitar.”  Here’s the problem.  You can’t buy a guitar based only on price.  At first, I believe, it should be based on size, playability, and musical interest.  Here are a few thoughts on each of these:

Size:  I can’t recommend a guitar until I see you.  A guitar that is too big will be awkward to hold.  Fortunately, guitars come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Make sure you get the right sized guitar!

Playablility:  This is more important to me than sound.  You want a guitar that will be easy to learn on.  Believe it or not, the problem can act…