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Bollywood - Kholo Kholo

Here I am playing along to the Bollywood song "Kholo Kholo."  This song was recommended by several students.  Once I heard it, I wanted to transcribe it and learn to play it! Now I'm ready to teach it to all my students.  This song has a great riff and some beautiful open string chords.

The song is slightly slowed down in this video.  My hope is that you will play along with me!

Bollywood - Give Me Some Sunshine - 3 Idiots - Basic Strum and Guitar Solo

Here is a video demonstration of the very popular, and highly requested Bollywood song "Give Me Some Sunshine."

The strumming pattern has a 16th note feel to it.  I am using a simple F chord (not a bar form) for a quick and easy switch to and from the C chord.

In the first video I play the intro twice and then I run through the verse chords twice, ending on a c chord.  I hope you are able to follow and play along with me.

The second video I play along to the guitar solo.  So, grab your electric guitars and let's rock out together!

San Francisco - The Mowgli's

San Francisco by The Mowgli's is a  fun, feel good song.  Thanks to one of my students for recommending it, now all of you can enjoy it too!

I chose to play this with the capo on the fourth fret.  The opening chords are Em, G, Em, G, C, G and B7.  I suspect that on the actual recording, they have tuned their guitars down by a half step and are playing Am, C, Am, C, F, C and E7.  I don't like tuning my guitar down, so on goes the capo at fret four.

I also included the intro melody which is heard throughout the song.  I am playing this slowly, so please play along with me.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Strumming Pattern

Here's a great strumming pattern for Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day.  This pattern is in Four Four time.

The count goes like this:  one    two and a   three    four  and a

The version of this song I use in class comes from the American Idiot broadway play.  You can find it here:

Stubborn Love Intro - The Lumineers

Here is a video you can use to practice the intro to Stubborn Love by The Lumineers.  I am tapping on my guitar to fill up the space between chord changes.  I am also playing it a lot slower than the original recording.  Enjoy!

Barcarolle by Napoleon Coste

If you can learn this piece well, maybe you can work as Venetian Gondolier.  However, it would be hard to paddle and play your guitar at the same time.