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Ensemble Rules

A student in my class just gave this to me.  Very funny!

Everyone should play the same piece.If you play a wrong note, glare at one of the other players.Carefully tune your instrument before playing.  Then if you play out of tune, you can at least do it with a clear conscience.If everyone gets lost except you, follow the ones who are lost.If a passage is difficult, slow down.  If it is easy, speed up.  Everything will even itself out in the end.When everyone else stops playing, you should stop also.  Do not play any notes you may have left over.A wrong note, played timidly, is a wrong note.  A wrong note, played with authority, is simply your interpretation of the phrase.

And I Love Her - The Beatles

I really like this creative arrangement of And I Love Here by The Beatles.  The intro has a bit of a Latin feel.  This arrangement was composed by Pete Huttlinger.  I plan to teach another one of his Beatles arrangements, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, in class soon (video coming soon, too)!