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Neele Neele Ambar Par - Bollywood

The intro to this song is so cool!  Be sure to tune your sixth string down to D.  The opening riff starts with a slide down from the 12th fret.  From there it's some pretty fast sixteenth notes.

Jeena Jeena - Bollywood

Here are a couple of videos demonstarting various parts to the popular Bollywood song Jeena Jeena.

First up, the intro.  My strumming pattern goes down - up - hit - down - hit.  The hits are down strums on beats two and four.  Notice the chord change after the first hit.

I liked the flute solo so much that I thought I would arrange it for the guitar.  I hope I'm playing it slow enough for everyone to follow along.

Finally, the guitar solo.  Short and sweet!

Finger Style Exercise ONE

Here is what I hope will be a fairly simple exercise that you can play, finger style.  The melody is in the bass and should be played with the thumb.  Follow the thumb with index, middle and ring fingers playing strings three, two and one respectively.  Be sure to emphasize the melody!