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Get a Hobby! Play Guitar (or Bass, Drums, Piano, etc.)

I recently picked up a new student that had just retired from working in the high tech industry for over 30 years.  During those years he has played guitar off and on.  He told me when he graduated from college  the commencement speaker gave all the graduates one bit of advice.  Get a Hobby.  The speaker said that during your life you will most likely go from job to job, move from city to city, have children that will grow up and move out, and then you will retire.  A hobby was something you could take with you on your journey through life.   My student is now retired and he is so thankful he stuck with playing his guitar.  He is excited to get some formal guitar instruction.  I'm excited to have him as a student and to teach him a few new techniques and songs.  Get Hobby!  Good advice.

The Way by Fastball - Strum Pattern

I think this is a great acoustic strumming pattern for The Way by "Fastball."  You can hear a pattern similar to this starting in verse two.  I am playing the strum slowly.  I hope everyone will play along!