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New Year Guitar Resolutions 2014

Around this time each year I like to look ahead and set a few goals for the coming year.  In this space I would like to share with you a few of my musical goals as well as suggest a few for my students and for those that haven't pulled the trigger on learning the guitar.

1.  Learn an instrument.  May I suggest the guitar?  This has got to be on the top ten list of all resolutions that are ever made, and it's a good one!  You may not feel like you have the time because you are busy with school, work, children, etc.  Learning an instrument, like any art form, is a life long process.  You take it with you through all your seasons of life.  And, I don't need to tell you, time flies.  Children grow up and move out, jobs change, retirement comes, and now you have a little more time.  Take your instrument along with you on your life journey.

2.  Memorize more music.  This one is for me and you.  I read so much music, that I actually resist memorizing it.   Every year I pick 2 to …

Bollywood - Chura Liya Hai Tumne

Here is another student song request.  This is the popular Bollywood song Chura Liya Hai Tumne.  The opening notes are played to the rhythm of two glasses clinking (this is how the song begins).  This is followed by an Asus2 chord.  I strum this chord with an upstroke, slightly breaking up the chord as I take my pick from the first string to fifth.  I am playing the song slower than the original.  I hope this helps as you play along with me!

Silent Night - Finger Style

Here is (I hope) as simple arrangement of Silent Night.  It is in the key of G and consist of melody and bass.  Below is a video to help with your practice.  Merry Christmas!!