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Talkin' Bout A Revolution - Tracy Chapman

If you're looking for lots of practice switching from G to Cadd9 to Em and D, this is the song for you!  Notice that the Cadd9 and D change on the up beat (up strum).  Have fun!

Get the song here

GarageBand App For Practicing - Part 2 (Quick Tour)

Before we get started let me remind you that we will be using GarageBand for Apple iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.  We will not be using GarageBand for the Mac.  While many of the features you will see in these blog posts are also on the Mac version, the iOS version has some special features that won't be available on the Mac.  This is because of the unique touchscreen interface found only on the iOS version of GarageBand.

Also, I'll be posting screen capture images taken from an iPad.  So, iPhone users may have to hunt a bit more to find the same features, but they are there.

One last thing, I'm assuming you know nothing about GarageBand, so I'm going to take this form the very beginning.  For those of you who catch on to this kind of thing quickly these posts may go to slowly for you.  If so just skip ahead to another blog post (or wait for another one), otherwise stay with us as we walk through this.

GarageBand Basic Functionality
OK, lets look as some basic funct…

GarageBand App For Practicing - Part 1 (Introduction)

On April 24th of this year The Guitarist hosted a workshop focused on using GarageBand (for iOS devices) as a practicing tool.  The objective of the workshop was to familiarize the participants with some of the features of GarageBand (of which there are many!) and to show how easily the GarageBand app can be used as a practicing tool.

The workshop was well attended and was taught by (yours truly) Mike Mckenna, former teacher at The Guitarist, co-author of "I've Always Wanted To Play Guitar", guitarist, and GarageBand user.  We had a great time going over the key features of GarageBand and how it can be used on both the iPhone and iPad to greatly enhance your practicing time.

Let's face it, practice time with your guitar can be, shall we say...less than inspirational when playing alone.  This is especially true if you have only your handy-dandy, but not so personal, metronome's relentless tick-tocking away.  I don't know about you, but prolonged exposure to a me…

Here Comes the Sun - Fingerstyle

Here is a fingerstyle arrangement of The Beatles "Here Comes the Sun."  I always look forward to teaching this song in my group classes.  Be sure to practice and stick with your classes.  This song is worth the wait!

This arrangement consists of melody with an alternating bass line.  To match the key of the song, play it with a capo at the seventh fret.