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Blues in E Finger Style

This is a traditional 12 bar (12 measure) Blues in the key of E.  All the bass notes (notes played with your thumb) are on the beat.  Keep it steady!

Up Around the Bend - Acoustic Interlude and Solo

I love this song!  It is down right classic rock!  I did my best to "acoustify" this song.  The solo is played on electric guitar.  I took out all the bends and replaced them with slides and hammer-ons to make it easier to play on the acoustic guitar.  Have fun!

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - Joan Baez Version

Recently a student of mine asked if we could work on this song.  It's a great folk song telling the story of the last days of the American Civil War.  In this video I am demonstrating the Intro, Interlude (part between the chorus and verses), and the Ending.  Put your capo on the first fret and strum along with me.


A Tango is a traditional partner dance that originates in Argentina.  Here is a somewhat simple tango for finger style guitar.  It is in the key of G, so be on the look out for these chord shapes: G, D, D7 and Am.  Pay attention to rhythm and stick to it, or it won't be a Tango!