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Bollywood - Aye Mere Humsafa

At the beginning of Aye Mere Humsafa there is a short guitar solo, just before the verse.  It is played in the key of G minor over the chords Gm, F, Eb, D7.  Better yet, put a capo on if you're strumming the chords and strum Em, D, C and B7.  Hope that makes it a little easier.
I do not have a capo on as I play this solo, slowly.  It is in the 10th position, meaning I play the 10th fret with my 1st finger, the 11th fret with my 2nd, the 12th fret with my 3rd finger, got it?  Notice the quick slide from fret 8 to 10 on the first string to start the solo off.  The solo ends with a Gm triad.  Give it a quick strum and slide it down the neck.  I am using alternate picking on some of the fast notes.

Bollywood - Soch Na Sake

Here's another Bollywood student request, this beautiful song Soch Na Sake.  I have three separate videos highlighting the intro, strumming pattern and the mandolin solo.  In all the videos I have the capo at the second fret.  The song is in the key of A, but I am playing it like it is in the key of G (Capo 2nd fret).  The opening chords are G, Em, C add9, G.

Notice the hammer-on from the first to second note.  Play the first note and then hammer your next finger onto the next fret.  The intro is made up of mostly sixteenth notes, you might want to alternate pick (down and up) through the notes so that you can eventually play this up to speed.

STRUMMING PATTERN The basic strumming pattern to this song is D - U - U - D - U.  This is a good "campfire" strum for the entire song.  There is a second guitar/mandolin part that is played along with the chords.  I thought I would try to put both parts together.  It make the chord switches a little tricky.  Notice how I alte…