Bollywood - Aye Mere Humsafa

At the beginning of Aye Mere Humsafa there is a short guitar solo, just before the verse.  It is played in the key of G minor over the chords Gm, F, Eb, D7.  Better yet, put a capo on if you're strumming the chords and strum Em, D, C and B7.  Hope that makes it a little easier.

I do not have a capo on as I play this solo, slowly.  It is in the 10th position, meaning I play the 10th fret with my 1st finger, the 11th fret with my 2nd, the 12th fret with my 3rd finger, got it?  Notice the quick slide from fret 8 to 10 on the first string to start the solo off.  The solo ends with a Gm triad.  Give it a quick strum and slide it down the neck.  I am using alternate picking on some of the fast notes.


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