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Buying Your First Guitar

A large percentage of our new students are people that have never played guitar before. In fact, they are so new to the guitar that they don't even own a guitar yet! We want your buying decision to be confident and easy.

Buying a guitar from us is a little different then if you buy it from somewhere else. Why? Because we are also going to teach you how to play it. What teacher would want their students trying to learn on a guitar that is difficult to play?

When a guitar arrives, we unpack it and give it a look over. You would think that when you unbox your guitar it would be ready to play. Not necessarily.

When guitars are shipped they may travel through different climates, i.e. humid to hot and dry. This can cause the neck to be curved or bowed. At The Guitarist, we take the time to set the neck so that the strings play easy all along the fretboard. (Be careful ordering a guitar online. It is not uncommon that this adjustment will be necessary and it needs to be made by a q…