Lesson Eleven - The Notes A, B, and C

These notes are to be played in the fifth position.  Here are a few practice tips:

  • In the fifth position play the following notes: C, D, E, F, G, A, B,  and C
  • These are the notes of the C major scale.  These are the notes of the first exercise on the following page.
  • I recommend that you play this scale as an exercise.  
  • As a technical exercise, be sure you play on the tips of your fingers and keep your thumb low on the neck.
  • As a rhythm exercise, put your metronome at a very low speed and practice playing one note/click (quarter notes), two notes/click (eighth notes), three notes/click (triplets), and four notes/click (sixteenth notes).  Be sure to use down and up strokes when playing more than one note/click.


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