Practice Tip: Repetition

One of the ingredients in getting really good at anything is repetition.  When a student says to me, “Why am I not getting this?”  I usually find out that they just haven’t tried it enough, or they are trying it too fast  (see Practice Tip: Go Slow).

Sometimes students think of repetition as a boring, tedious process and that it isn’t fun.  I won’t say that repetition isn’t work, but I will say you can learn to enjoy the work!  The key is to not lose sight of your goal.  The goal is to play the song, for your own enjoyment, or better yet, to share with others. 

Pick something today that you will commit to practicing until you get it.  Set a goal for how many times you will try it on a daily basis.  As the days go by, notice how you’re playing it a little smoother and a little faster.  Celebrate those little victories!

As you sow the seeds of repetition, you will see the fruit of your labor show up not only in what you committed to practiced, but in other songs as well.  Now, stop reading and go practice!!


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