Theory Workshop One, Two, and Three - Summary

Topics covered in Theory Worksop One:

  • Half Steps and Whole Steps.
  • The musical alphabet.
  • Sharps and flats and the chromatic scale.
  • Mapping out all the notes on the guitar fretboard.
  • Major scale construction.
  • The circle of fifths.
  • Five major scale patterns on the guitar.

Topics covered in Theory Workshop Two:

  • Intervals - Major, minor, diminished, and augmented.
  • Chord construction - Major, minor, diminished, and augmented.
  • Harmonizing the major scale.
  • The Major scale chord formula
  • Adding Sevens to chords - Major Seven, minor seven, half diminished sevens.

Topics covered in Theory Workshop Three:

This Workshop is all about chord construction.  You will learn how you can use your knowledge of the major scale to construct any chord.  Here are a few of the chords you will learn how to construct.
  • Major Chords - major 6, major 7, major 9
  • Minor Chords - minor 7, minor 9
  • Dominant Chords - dominant 7, 9 and 13
  • Sus chords - Sus 2, Sus 4
  • Add chords - Add 2, add 4, add 9


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