Bollywood - Pani Da Rang

Here's a quick tutorial on the popular Bollywood song "Pani Da Rang."  I am playing the song very slowly, so hopefully you can follow along.

1.  The intro alternates between two chords, Em7 and D add4 (this is just a C chord moved up two        frets).  Then strum a C chord and Dadd4 once each.
2.  The main groove to the song starts with an Em chord.  The strum that I am using goes like this:       D DD U  D  DD U   DDU  (D=Down, U=Up).  Get it??
3.  After this, I simplify the strum to more of a "campfire" type strum that you can use for the rest of the song.  I'm alternating between Em and D and then between C and D (main chords to the song).  I am repeating this pattern:  D DD UDU
4.  Finally, there is a simple melody that gets played after the verse.  It's pretty easy, and I think you could it up by watching the video.

If you notice something that I am missing, please comment.

I have produced a basic tab for the song.  Please request at your next class or lesson and I will be happy to pass it over to you.  Enjoy!

You can find the song on iTunes here:  


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