Old Man - Neil Young Intro and Interlude

Here are my four steps to learning the intro to Neil Young's "Old Man."  Be sure to reference the video.

Before getting to the first step, Neil Young plays most of the down stroke with a partial palm mute.  Lightly touch the strings with the palm of your hand near the saddle of your guitar.

The intro has two chords - Dm7add2 and D.

Dm7add2 = xx0560
D = xx0232

Here are the four steps.

Step 1 - Do a simple bass strum on each chord.  Alternate between strumming strings three and four, and strings two and three.

Step 2 (0:15) - In this step, add down and up strokes.

(0:45) Oops, made a mistake

Step 3 (0:47) On the Dm7add2 chord, add a hammer on from the open third string to the fifth fret of the third string.  Continue the down and up strumming from Step 2.

Step 4 (1:13)  Here it is!  Add hammer ons and pull offs on the D chord along with the hammer ons from Step 3 and the down and up strumming from Step 2.


This is heard at about 30 seconds into the song.  In this video I will play the interlude slowly and then even slower.  Play along with me!


  1. Richard, I really appreciate your posting this.


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