Music Theory Workshop One

Here is what we covered in Theory Workshop One and a few tips for those that were able to attend.

The Major scale is the most used scale in western music (second in line would be the minor scale).  Be sure to memorize the formula (W W H W W W H).

You should also memorize and be able to play the major scale form that was provided in your hand out.  This scale is “moveable.”  That is, you can start at any fret and as long as you play the scale in the sequence provided (on the same strings), you will hear the major scale.  The scale is named after the starting note.  For example, start on the note A and you will be playing the A major scale.

Extra Credit – see if you can come up with another form of the C major scale.

I got asked a few really good questions after class.

“Do we really need to memorize all the notes on the guitar?”  Yes!  However, this will take time.  My best advice is to start with a few notes all the guitar neck, and memorize them.  These notes will be your ‘target’ notes.  For example, if you memorize where all the “A’s” are.  Then you know a B is up a whole step, G would be down a whole step.  In other words, you will also know the suronding notes.  Learn one note, get a couple more for free!

“Do we need to memorize all the notes in every major scale?”  Not really.  I think you should just know how to construct a major scale, and be sure to have at least one major scale form memorized and able to play on the guitar.

Your comments/questions are appreciated.  

Thanks for attending!


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