Save Me San Francisco by Train - Intro and Strumming Pattern

The intro to Save Me San Francisco is sort of a shuffle groove with an old time rock-n-roll feel.  Here are a few playing tips.

  • Start with a D chord, and strum D to Dsus to D back to Dsus.  You can play this with all downstrokes, but it doesn't really matter.
  • The next chord is the power chord version of a G.  First finger string 6 on the third fret.  Third finger string five on the fifth fret.  Get ready to stretch, though.  You will need to reach your pinky over to fret seven of string five.  I play with only down strokes.
  • Next chord is an A power chord.  Fifth string is open and first finger on fourth string second fret.  Continue with the shuffle groove by reaching to fret four on the fourth string.  I use my third finger
  • Finish up by returning to the D and Dsus chords.

Strumming Pattern

I like to use a basic "campfire" style strum for the rest of the song.  My pattern goes like this:

D      D      D   U   Hit  U  

D= Down stroke
U= Up Stroke

Notice that the G, A, and final D chords are played on upstrokes.  I like to do a "hit" strum before switching chords.  This allows me to do a downward strumming motion on beat four, and I get to let go of the chord I am holding so that I can set up the new chord and strum it as my hand is going up after the hit.  I also like the percussive sound of the "hit."

Note:  You can play the intro groove through the verses if you like, and do the campfire strums for the  choruses.  Up to you.  Have fun!


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