Whiskey and You - Chris Stapleton - Verse

Here is the verse to Chris Stapleton's "Whiskey and You."  Here are a few playing tips.

1.  This song is in drop-D tuning.  Tune your sixth string E down to D.
2.  The song is in 4/4 time.
3.  The first two measures of the verse is also played for the intro, and is used throughout the song.
4.  At 10 seconds into the video a Bm chord shows up.  You will need to lift your 2nd finger to create a Bsus 2.  The second finger will hammer-on back into the Bm chord.  Check out the video it sounds cool!
5.  At 28 seconds into the video there's the Bm chord again, this time remove your first finger from the chord so that you can play the open A string on beat three.  This creates an Bm/A chord.
6.  At 32 seconds into the video Chris Stapleton goes to a G chord at the fifth fret.  Instead of playing the chord, there is simple lick (not a simple fingering, though).  Notice the stretch between the bar chord at the fifth fret and my pinky finger at fret nine.

Have fun!


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