Bollywood - Bulleya

I did something a little different for these next two videos.  I am hoping that you will practice with me.  I have a section of the song looping, and going faster each time.  Once you learn how to play each section, practice along with the video.

I play the opening chords in the first video.  The chords are Dm - Fmaj7 - Bb6 - Gm7.  You can avoid barring the first three chords by just placing your fingers on the individual strings that you will be playing.  The Gm7 is barred at the 10th fret.

Each chord is played as an arpeggio (playing the notes of the chords individually).  Hopefully you will be able to make out the pattern as you watch the video.  The tempo increase after each pass through the chords.

In this next video I am playing the lead guitar part that comes in after the opening chords (there is actually a part just before this, but it is similar).  I am playing all the notes in the fifth position.  This means first finger at the fifth fret, second finger at the sixth fret, third finger at the seventh fret, and pinky on the 8th fret.

The notes are all swinging sixteenth notes.  Listen closely and you will notice the notes are not played evenly.  It is sort of a long note/short note feel.   The long note is on the downstroke and the short note is on the up stroke.  Just do your best to match the rhythm that you hear.

Again, I am looping this section of the song.  It is starting at 50% of the actual speed and increasing until we hit 100%.  I recommend that you memorize the pattern of notes before practicing along with the video.


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