Lesson Three - Tuning the Guitar

I highly recommend purchasing an electronic tuner (especially one that includes a metronome).  You should use your tuner as a training tool to improve your tuning skills.

How often should you tune your guitar?  Every time you pick it up!

Be sure to memorize the note names for each open string on the guitar.  From the six string it goes like this: E A D G B E.  Maybe this will help, "Eat At Denny's Get Big Eggs."

Try the six-step tuning method that is given in this lesson and then check your tuning with your electronic tuner.  How did you do?


  1. Hi. I'm having a really hard time getting the G chord because my fingers keep bumping up against the other strings next to them. I guess that's to be expected as a newbie? :-)

  2. It is to be expected. Make sure your finger nails are short, and play on the very tips of your fingers. Over time you should get a little more flexibility in your fingers and that G chord will sound great! Then, you will need to learn to switch to it from another chord. Stick with it, you'll get it!


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